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Our Story

Our project started many years ago when Andres Reinoso (General Director) decided to study tourism managemnet and ecotourism for his bachelor’s. He has always believe in the beauty of Ecuador and its opportunity to be recognized as a “Green Leading Destination” worldwide. Andres has more than 15 years of experience in tourism, working for important travel companies,and  tour operators in Ecuador and Yosemite National Park in the USA. After getting important expertise, he decided to create and found a new concept of Tour Operator named “Come to Ecuador Travel” in 2014.

His vision includes motinging the real Ecuador and the authencity of the country enabling unique travel experiences to all travelers. Andres is also a tour guide so most of the travelerss of Come to Ecuadorhavevbeen guided and led for him, getting his positive energy and guiding services directly from the manager on first hand.

During the learning process and thinkaboutg in thecompany’sgrowth, Andres met Victor who is also a tour guide and expert in land operations. After some time working together and the fact that both share the sameethi principlesiples and vision, they became partners so now Victohas beenis part of the team since 2018. You will have the advantge to travel around Ecuador with Andres or Victor, getting all their knowledge and passion for tourism in Ecuador, both of them are great promoters of the beuty of being “the most biodiverse country, per squeare meter in the world”. You will have an unforgettable journey with us!

Authentic Travel Ecuador

Our Commitment

Come to Ecuador provides opportunities for you to make a difference in your destinations in the following areas:

  • The People you will meet
  • The Planet and Its Conservation
  • Profit for the communities you will visit
  • The Place and the Cosmovision of the Locals

We really think about creating a dynamic ecosystem of collaboration that effectively delivers Ecuador and its many facets to our travelers. In Spanish, the expression is “dejar una ligera huella “, or to leave a light footprint – by doing so, we ensure that Ecuador develops in a sustainable manner. You visit Ecuador through our Tour Operator and you can help to ensure this vision: Touch the lives of others, and your life will be touched!

We believe in embracing simple and beautiful pleasures, and we look at ways in which we can fill our lives with more authenticity and less meaningless experiences and possessions. This translates into the way we run our business, the travel experiences we offer, and the suppliers we select for our complete tour operation.

We believe in the kind of experiences that will inspire travelers and bring positive change in the world. Our careful selection of programs and responsible travel partners encourage visitors to slow down, see more, and get to know the destinations that they visit. Enough to choose us!



We work directly with locally-based communities, we support the family business and we promote local entrepreneurs and other operators, restaurants, artisans and more people involved in the tourism value chain.



We promote a different concept of accommodation, we use small family hotels so you will be able to stay in a nice boutique hotel, house, hacienda or homestay.



Ecuador is not a big country but it has a lot to offer so you will have the opportunity to see a lot of places in a short time in the Andes, the Amazon, the Coast, and the Galapagos Islands.



We are not a massive Tour Operator, we prefer small groups, families, couples and solo travelers. We have had many nice folks on board in our journeys and authentic tours. Once you travel with us you are part of our family.

"Ecuador is a unique and magical destination in the world. I invite you to discover a green country, with lots of culture, tradition, authenticity and our enchanted islands, the Galapagos."


Andres Reinoso

Founder - General Director

Professional Tour Guides

Andres Reinoso

General Director - Personal Guide

Victor Dávila

Operations Manager - Personal Guide

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