10 things to do in Quito

10 things to do in Quito Having a spiritual awakening with shamans, spending a night in prison, drinking pisco sours with the best views of the city at sunset… There’s plenty to write home about from Ecuador’s exuberant capital   1. Take mind-expanding drugs with shamans Forget phony ceremonies in a Notting Hill basement, ayahuasca […]

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Taking the Pulse of Quito, Ecuador

The mountain city of Quito is not only Ecuador’s capital, but a historic city that features one of the Americas’ largest and best-preserved colonial districts. Quito’s 130 historic buildings include ornate and art-filled 16th and 17th century basilicas, churches and palaces, connected by winding cobblestone streets leading to broad open plazas. In 1978 Quito joined Krakow, Poland […]

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Five Things to do in the Galapagos Islands

Routinely at the top of travelers’ bucket lists, the Galapagos Islands are celebrated around the world for their pristine, relatively undisturbed natural environment and their abundance of distinct fauna and wildlife. Of course this archipelago off Ecuador’s Pacific coast also holds a significant place in history as the inspiration for Charles Darwin’s theory of natural […]

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