The city of Santa Ana de los Rios of Cuenca is synonymous of culture and heritage, elements that added to the warmth of its people ends up falling in love with all those who visit it.

It is considered the third most important city of Ecuador; its natural, architectural characteristics and the quality of life that can be enjoyed in it, are reasons why it has been recognized as the best destination for people from all over the world who retire from work.

Walkthrough its cobbled streets and visit its many imposing churches and museums or contemplate its terracotta rooftops and flowery balconies, it will be a unique experience that will captivate you, while its stories and legends will transport you in time through a magical journey.

In the year of 1982, the Historic Center of Cuenca was recognized as a Cultural Heritage of the Ecuadorian State and, in 1999, it was declared by UNESCO as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Cuenca presents its culture and heritage at every step. Discover it!

Learn more about Cuenca at http://cuencaecuador.com.ec/

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