Santa Cruz Island



It is the first most inhabited island in Galapagos, it is located in the center of the Galápagos archipelago at 1000 km. Of the continent. It is located in the center of the set of islands, with an area of 986 km2 and a maximum altitude of 864 meters above sea level. It is a dormant volcano whose last eruption is estimated to have occurred 1 and a half million years ago. As a testimony to its volcanic past, there are two huge cavities called “The Twins” that were formed from a magma chamber.

It has an area of 98,555 hectares. The island is characterized by its geological landscape and the variety of its vegetation, distinguishing 7 vegetation zones at an altitude of 864 m above sea level. The island is full of natural charms, beautiful beaches, unique animal species, exuberant vegetation, craters, and lava tunnels. Currently, the population is approximately 19,000 inhabitants.

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