An irresistible magnet for the bird-tourists that arrive in Ecuador. Which is one of the most emblematic sites is the Mindo Valley, in the northwest of Pichincha, declared as the main site in South America of global importance for birds such as: gallitos de la peña, multicolored tanagers, tealights, seedlings, Andean toucans , blackbirds, nuns, golden-headed quetzals, collared pigeons, hawks, hawks and other species have encouraged the locals to live off ecotourism.

Meanwhile a wonderful combination of tropical species with Andean is its particularity, in a single day you can easily observe more than 150 species, including enigmatic nocturnal birds such as the Nuboselvático Mochuelo, discovered in 1999, and the amazing Chotacabras Colilira whose tail reaches to half meter in length.

So much diversity has Mindo since it is located in the Chocó region, where there are around 450 endemic birds, the largest endemism in the continent, there are also excellent tourist facilities, a good marked road network that allows you to explore this beautiful and paradisiacal place.

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