The Amazon

Explore the Natural Wonders of Ecuador’s Amazon

The Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest remaining tropical rainforest, with more hums, buzzes, bubbles, and chatters than anywhere else in the world. In the Amazon, things grow on a bigger scale than in other places. Here you can find the world’s largest snake, the 30-foot anaconda, otters that are bigger than an average-sized man, the world’s tallest trees, a monkey so small it can sit on your fingertip, an eight-pound toad and spiders so big that they are able to eat birds.

Nothing is just ordinary in the Ecuadorian Amazon. At first glance, the rain forest is a vast green wilderness. However, as one observes carefully, this ecosystem is full of surprises for its visitors. Not only is each tree very different from the next, but also for every tree there are hundreds of other plant and animal species in constant interaction.

To give you an idea just how great the Amazon is, there are islands in the Amazon River that are nearly as big as Switzerland. In addition to this, more than 40% of the earth’s fresh water flows through the Amazon basin – which is more than in the basins of the next six biggest rivers combined!

The Ecuadorian Amazon is home to thousands of distinct animal species. Some of these are indigenous and others are pretty common elsewhere in the world. There are also many plant species thriving in the Amazon – some of them are the world’s greatest resources to everyday dietary goods. You certainly won’t die of hunger if you are lost here. Some of the world’s favorite foods can be found here, such as black pepper, avocado, Brazil nuts, cashews, chocolate, eggplant, cinnamon, sugarcane, vanilla, figs and many, many more. The rainforest also produces many medicines and products used in the industry.

Ecuador only has a 2% share of the world’s Amazon. Nevertheless, this region has enough accommodation to cater for everyone. No matter what your needs are – whether you prefer a five-star hotel with three-course meals and hot showers, a camping adventure or something in between – the Ecuador Amazon will satisfy all needs.

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