The Andes

Explore the Ecuadorian Andes and Highlands (Sierra) of Ecuador

When looking down on the area from a bird’s eye view, the Ecuadorian Andes jump out of the surrounding blanket with a collage of colors. It is as if nature has created its own embroidery. But a closer look will soon make you realize that this beautiful panorama is not only an expression of nature but also a product of people’s labor.

Down in the valleys of the Ecuadorian Andes you can expect to see some gold, amber, lilac and pale purple patterns that change with the shadow cast by the clouds. The different shades of color are a result of the many corns, wheat, barley and quinoa fields in this region. The collage of man-made and natural products, together with each day’s unique shadow and lighting, makes it impossible for someone to have the same day each day. The Ecuadorian Andes will surprise you with something different every day.

The Ecuadorian Andes, also known as the “Sierra” and the “Highlands”, is probably the most visited region of the country and it’s not difficult to see why. The region is jam-packed with a certain cultural and natural diversity that brings many visitors back time and time again.

This region has the most developed tourist industry in the country, providing tourists and locals with a wide range of accommodation, world-class eateries, shopping centers, and many cultural festivals. In addition to this, most of these facilities are easily accessible from the Ecuadorian capital of Quito.

Hiking, skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, swimming and relaxing are only a few recreational activities that the Ecuadorian Andes will be able to offer you. Whether you want to dive into the thermal springs, exhaust yourself on a week-long hike or just lie in your five-star hotel room, the Sierra has it all. But don’t take our word for it, book a flight now and go see for yourself!

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