The Coast

Enjoy the Pacific Coast’s Pristine Beaches, Mangrove Forests, and Seaside Resorts

Ecuador’s coast is a composition of beautiful lush green mangrove forests, a jungle, crystal clear waters, stunning white sandy beaches, and many quaint fishing villages. The coastline of Ecuador plays a big role in Ecuador’s economy and cuisine, delivering tons of seafood daily and entertaining the many tourists that visit each year.

The Ecuadorian coast has a very hot and humid climate, with temperatures averaging 25ºC to 31ºC. The rainy season is during the months of December to May when it is warmer and very humid. The dry season is a little less humid but it isn’t dry at all – Ecuador never goes for long periods without heavy rainfall.

There are four distinct provinces that makeup Ecuador’s coastal region: Esmeraldas, Manabí, Guayas, and El Oro.

Esmeraldas, also known as ‘the Green Province’, is situated in the northwestern corner of Ecuador. Its cultural richness and beautiful, untouched landscapes are a primary lure for tourists. While Esmeraldas harbors very few emeralds, it does live up to its other name, the “Green Province.” Esmeraldas is the lushest coastal province in the country and it is riddled with estuaries, mangroves and flooded tropical forests. Its wild and remote inland areas, accessible only by canoe, make Esmeraldas the ideal destination for an unforgettable river safari. But if you aren’t feeling up to paddling a canoe, you can relax on one of Esmeraldas’ many pristine beaches.

Positioned south of Esmeraldas is the coastal province of Manabí. Manabí’s beach cities along the coast are very popular with the locals during summer and on long weekends. Humpback Whale Watching, diving, snorkeling and relaxing on the beach with a cocktail are only a few of the pursuits you can look forward to while visiting the virtually unspoiled province of Manabí.

Home to Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city and chief port, is the Guayas Province. Known more for its commercial abilities than as a vacation destination, Guayaquil has not made a big impression on tourists as yet. But it has some interesting landmarks and historical neighborhoods. Like Guayaquil, the Guayas Province deserves more attention than it gets, especially the beaches of Montañita, Punta Blanca, Playas, and Punta Arenas.

The El Oro province stretches from Guayaquil to the Peruvian border. Although it is considered by many as just a way station between Ecuador and Peru, El Oro can pleasantly surprise you. El Oro is home to the thriving banana and shrimp producing city Machala, which divides El Oro’s coast in two and also boasts a gold mine.

Anyone who wants to explore Ecuador should venture a little beyond the highlands and Amazon basins to discover what Ecuador is really about: a beautiful untouched 2000 kilometer coastline.

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